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R 6 000

1 - 3 hours

100 - 150 pictures

 Digital online gallery


R 10 000

6 - 8 hours

300 - 500 pictures

20 x jumbo prints in box

Digital online gallery 


R 14 000

10 hours

600 - 800 pictures

30 x jumbo prints in box

Digital online gallery 

3 x A3 fine art prints, framed

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Where are you based?

Niamh and Paulo are both based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. 

Do you travel for weddings? 

Yes, we love visiting new places! If your wedding is outside of the greater Durban area let’s chat about how we can make it work. 

Are travel costs included in your packages? 

If your wedding is taking place within 135km from Durban, absolutely!

Should your wedding be further afield, or in another province, we will discuss the costs of travel and accommodation with you, and work it into a customised quotation. 

Can we give you a ‘shot list’ for the day?

We love to photograph your day in the most natural, honest and spontaneous way possible. Because of this we try not to pre-empt too much, or restrict ourselves to a shot list. We do, however, see great value in the family portrait. During this brief part of the day, a list of your special people would definitely help us.

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