About us

Paulo and Niamh have formal training in photojournalism and photography. They seek to tell stories in an unstaged, honest light, with a documentarian approach and style.

Their photographs have a journalistic aesthetic, with real moments that epitomizes documentary wedding photography.

On your wedding day, they will be observers of meaningful moments, making sure to find the emotive, and timeless images for you and your loved ones to reflect on in years to come.

How we work

We look for the nuanced moments, with an unobtrusive approach. We make images that are often unprepared, without a subject knowing.

Our methodology is very ‘fly on the wall’, and Anthropological. We like to stick to the sidelines, let your day be all about you, and make photographs that will surprise, and offer a glimpse of your new, exciting journey.

Very rarely will we direct images, we will get the important people in the photographs when requested, but our main objective is to document a significant moment in your life.


A bit more about us...

"Hello hello 👋  my name is Niamh, pronounced ‘N-eve’ (like the actress from Scream). I am an Irish, potato loving South African, who makes photos for a living, writes for anyone who will read, and reads writing by anyone who will write (mostly dystopian fiction, or local novels). I am energetic with the people I work with, and love when a moment or gaze is returned to me on camera. I have a lot of fun with my photography, and do my best to make those I photograph feel comfortable, almost like we are new friends." 💛⚡

 “Hi 👋 Paulo here. I’m a lover of the simple things in life: iced coffee,  a walk along Blue Lagoon, soccer and more importantly spending time with my son, Adam, and wife, Sumayya. 

I am an observer, and often prefer to be in the background. In my photographic practice, I am careful and considerate with each moment I make on camera.”


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